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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vatican Announces Improved Financial and Administrative Structure

 Vatican Radio reports that the Holy Father has announced an improved structure for coordination of economic and administrative affairs of the Holy See and the Vatican State.
Monday's announcement comes after the recommendations of the Pontifical Commission for Reference on the Organization of the Economic- Administrative Structure of the Holy See (COSEA) were  reviewed and endorsed by the Council of eight Cardinals established to advise the Holy Father on governance and the Committee of 15 Cardinals which oversees the financial affairs of the Holy See. COSEA recommended changes to simplify and consolidate existing management structures and improve coordination and oversight across the Holy See and Vatican City State. COSEA also recommended  enhanced reporting practices, internal financial controls, transparency and governance.
Vatican Radio stated that the changes will enable more formal involvement of senior and experienced experts in financial administration, planning and reporting and will ensure better use of resources, improving the support available for various programs, particularly our works with the poor and marginalized.
Link to English language version of the Vatican Radio report here

Friday, February 21, 2014

Bishop Loverde's Homily at the Blue Ribbon Mass of Thanksgiving at Sacred Heart Church

Bishop Loverde urged all those who truly make Sacred Heart Academy a living vibrant community of faith:
Rejoice and be glad!
 He continued, "Sacred Heart Academy is not only the proud recipient of the Blue Ribbon Award but is, even more, a pillar of light, inviting everyone to come to Jesus Christ and to His Community of Disciples where we see with the light of faith, where we walk with the assurance of hope and where we love God and one another with the power of charity!"
Read the complete text of the  homily of our Bishop  on that joyful occasion Here

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Raising the Bar

This Sunday the Youth ministry replaced its "Donut Sunday" with a Pancake Breakfast that was a gastronomic Tour de Force. Despite the recent weather, Mass was well attended and Hobert Hall was packed with hungry Families after Mass. The food was great,the menu rich and varied and the cooks and the servers managed to keep up with the demand so there were no pauses in the service, And the hard working clean-up crew was amazingly efficient. The Pancake Breakfast will be a tough act to follow. Today's event raised Hobert Hall's culinary bar to a new height.
In a few weeks the Men's Club of Saint Bridget's will resume the Fabulous Friday Night Fish Fries at Hobert Hall. Dont miss the response of the Men's Club when the Fish Fry Season begins.. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Choose Life" License Plate Ruled Unconstitutional

Fox News Reports:
A three-judge panel of the  4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has  ruled that North Carolina's "Choose Life" license plate is unconstitutional because the state doesn't provide the same forum for motorists on the other side of the contentious issue.

The "Choose Life" plate was one of 80 specialty tags approved by the General Assembly in 2011. Each "Choose Life" plate would cost $25, with $15 of that going to the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship, an association of nonprofit pregnancy counseling centers.
North Carolina lawmakers  rejected proposals to offer plates with messages "Trust Women" and "Respect Choice." That constitutes "blatant viewpoint discrimination squarely at odds with the First Amendment," wrote Appeals Court Judge James A. Wynn.
North Carolina could request  the full appeals court to review the panel's decision or could appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. A spokeswoman for North Carolina's Attorney General , said state attorneys were reviewing the ruling but had no further comment.
According to Fox News, the central issue in the case was whether the specialty license plate is purely government speech, which would allow the state sole discretion over the message, or individual speech implicating the First Amendment. The appeals court concluded that the program is a blend of the two, but that it tilts heavily in favor of private expression.
The 4th Circuit  had ruled earlier that South Carolina's "Choose Life" license plate was unconstitutional. Judge Wynn noted that three of the  four federal appeals courts that have previously ruled on specialty plates also have concluded that they are not solely government speech.
"Specialty plates are closely associated with the drivers who select and pay for them,"  Judge Wynn wrote. "And the driver, on whose car the special message constantly appears for all those who share the road to see, is the ultimate communicator."
A link to the Fox News Reoprt

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