Friday, June 27, 2014


Thanks to Ellie and Bob Mackintosh for hosting St. Bridget's 2014 Picnic.
 And thanks to Michael Hobert who captured  on film the fun and friendship of the event.

Check out a slideshow of Michael's pics on St. Bridget's You Tube page

Here is a link

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Fortnight for Freedom ; Winchester Star Editorial Comment

"Today marks the start of the yearly "Fortnight for Freedom", an initiative of the Roman Catholic Church in America to promote religious liberty. During this two-week period, not only do Catholics annually observe the feast days of martyrs who remained steadfast in their faith in the face of political persecution -- e. g.. the two great English saints, Thomas More and John Fisher -- but all Americans also celebrate the founding of a nation grounded on the principles of individual liberty.
As such, this is no mere sectarian enterprise, but rather an invitation to all Americans to take a stand on the tenants on which this country was founded. What's more, it comes at a time when adherents the globe over - but especially China and the Middle East - suffer oppression, even death, solely on account of their faith.
Who speaks for them? We should - and for liberty too."
Winchester Star June 21 editorial page


Friday, June 20, 2014

June 22 Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ

Father Krempa reminds us


Minutes from the April 3, 2014, meeting of the
St. Bridget’s Pastoral Council

Members present: Father Krempa, Jodi Bonett, Michael Hobert, Mike Malucci and Stacy Sefton


The new cleaning employee is working out well.

Father is hoping that the Men’s Club will take care of the property to make repairs from the effects of winter. He will provide a list of concerns to Men’s Club via Dick Drake to add to the Men’s Club’s on-going list.

Over the summer we could begin working on the classrooms in Hobert Hall(painting and decorating). Father will speak with the Women’s Club about their willingness to help fund some of this.

Men’s Club has talked about establishing a scholarship for a graduating senior from Clarke County High School (one who has been heavily involved in our church community) but has tabled the discussion for now.

Father Dobbins will not be returning to the Parish, as he’s been appointed administrator at the church he’s been helping these last months. We will get a new priest at the end of June.

Men’s Club members are still interested in pursuing a project to construct steps from the parking lot directly to the front of the Hall.

Jodi Bonett is drawing up plans for consideration, which would give everyone a sense of the cost and scope of the project.

Father Krempa reiterated that any decisions regarding this project need to come from him, as there is still a debt on the Hall. He said we could work on improving lighting and signage prior to spending the money on this project. His priority is spending our money on paying off our debt and increasing our building fund for a rectory.


Improving lighting at the front and side of the church is being worked on by Carl Hales.


Not many calls have come in asking for Hall use.

Youth Group is considering a lock-in event in the Hall in lieu of Clarke County High School prom.

    Michael Hobert said there was a problem with the gas in the kitchen. The main turn-off valve wasn’t turned to the off position at some point and there was a gas leak. Men’s Club wants to look into the possibility of a change to the stove to prevent this from happening. Father Krempa will also inquire if there is a solution to this (to create a fail-safe) beyond training those who use it to remember to turn it off. He will follow-up with Carl Hales and Jim Willis.
    Michael Hobert also said the Ruritan is about to rescind the offer about the possibility of installing a gate at our shared fence to use each others’ parking. Father Krempa will write to thank the Ruritan for this offer, extended through some parishioners, but decline.
    ACTION: Michael Hobert will draft a letter for Father Krempa.

Suggestion is to have Men’s Club, ushers and choir members
park along the side behind the church on high attendance masses.
    Handicap signs have been donated to increase signage in our handicap parking lot.
     A snow removal map will be created for next year.
    There was a question regarding the keys for the building. Do we have a master list for keys for the building? Yes. Can those interested in obtaining one get one? No. Father Krempa is trying to limit them for security reasons.


Attendance has been low at Wednesday night and early Sunday morning Confessions.

We need to add an announcement for Sundays during Lent.

Our Prayer Center, a web-based prayer request site has been established for St. Bridget’s by Sacred Heart parishioner David Dobersztyn (Sacred Heart has a site, too.) Pastoral Council members are all administrators of the account. Stacy Sefton will be the parish moderator. The site is:

ACTION: Stacy Sefton will contact Jim Brennan to get information and a link on our website (as well as sending him past minutes to post).
ACTION: Stacy Sefton will contact David Dobersztyn to create moderator status and to change the name on the site from “Saint” to the abbreviation “St.”
ACTION: Stacy Sefton will also write up something for submission for our newsletter to advertise the site, in addition to Sunday announcements.

We are planning a Parish picnic on July 4 and will invite the parishioners from Sacred Heart. We would have food and games and then stay to watch the fireworks. Father Krempa will talk with the Women’s Club to coordinate. THIS HAS SINCE BEEN CANCELLED AND WILL BE RECONSIDERED FOR A LATER DATE.

The Clarke County Chamber Choir would like to use the church for a concert in June Father Krempa asked that someone from the high school contact the rectory.


Parish Council will meet on the following dates for the rest of the year at 7 p.m. at Hobert Hall:

June 6 ** (change of date due to Clarke County High School graduation June 5)
August 7 **  NOTE: This meeting has been cancelled.
October 2
December 4

Our next meeting will be June 6, 2014, at 7 p.m.

-- Stacy Sefton


Minutes from the February 6, 2014, meeting of the
St. Bridget’s Pastoral Council

Members present: Father Krempa, Jodi Bonett, Michael Hobert and Stacy Sefton


We will post the minutes from the Parish Council meetings to the website. Minutes from the first four meetings were approved and will be sent to Jim Brennan this month.


Jodi Bonett has had additional requests for the Hall usage.


If a Parish group uses the Hall the Parish representative is responsible for locking up and arming the alarm. For weddings, the Hall/Event Coordinator (or her designee) is responsible for locking up and arming the alarm; in the event of a late wedding, the cleaning company will close pre-locked doors and set the alarm without the code.

We have also had our first request for a non-parish member use of our church for a wedding (for a fee).


Father asked if there is a need now for an additional parking area. Michael Hobert said the issue has come up at the Men’s Club, as well. Father will take this under advisement, with options including: temporary parking behind the church, sharing parking with the Ruritan or creating additional parking on the grounds.

We also need to look at the lighting in the parking lot (in addition to more lighting around the rear of the church). Father Krempa will speak with someone about evaluating our current campus and ask for a quote.


Father Krempa said we will owe less than $500,000 on our debt next month. We will need to begin thinking about our future site plan to include parking and a rectory site. Michael Hobert suggested hiring a design firm/architect to create a site plan.

      Michael Hobert said the Men’s Club has asked that we look into the construction of steps to the front of the Hall. Father Krempa asked that signage be placed to ask people to enter from the side until the Parish is able to pay for it. Until then, Father said the group is welcome to ask for a design and a bid to bring back to Father for his consideration and approval, as well as the Diocese.
      Men’s Club wants clarification regarding the financial reimbursement for purchases at St. Bridget’s. Father reiterated that St. Bridget’s should be funding all paper products and supplies needed for the church.
      Stacy Sefton inquired about the future prospect of paying a Director of Music.


This year we will have Confessions every Wednesday of Lent. In addition we will have Confessions and Stations of the Cross every Friday, in addition to Friday dinners.


Parish Council will meet on the following dates for the rest of the year at 7 p.m. at Hobert Hall:

April 3
June 5
August 7
October 2
December 4

Our next meeting will be April 3, 2014, at 7 p.m.

-- Stacy Sefton

Friday, June 13, 2014


Sacred Heart and St. Bridget's Welcome Parochial Vicar Andres Fernandez

The most Reverend Paul S. Loverde, Bishop of Arlington, has announced the appointment of 
Reverend Andres Fernandez 
 Parochial Vicar 
Appointment effective 6/25/2014
Father Fernandez was ordained in 2004 in the Diocese of Madrid, Spain. He has a BA in History from the UNED, University in Spain with a Masters in Information and Documentation at the University Carlos III in Spain. He has served as parochial vicar at several parishes in Madrid, Spain.   He also served as parochial vicar  at Saint Gabriel Parish Church in New Rochelle NY for three years.  Immediately prior to his appointment at Sacred Heart, he served as Priest in Residence at the Church of Saint John the Apostle in Leesburg.

Father Fernandez notes:
"I'm a music lover; I was part of a country group in Spain and was also the organist of the Seminary in Toledo and Madrid in Spain. I enjoy traveling and I have been in a pilgrimage in my car through most of Europe staying in the most important monasteries, and now I would like to see many new places and get to know new people around this great country that is USA. I'm blessed in my priesthood and very happy to be useful for the Church in the USA."

Friday, June 06, 2014

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